The city is growing and thus also the need for preschools and schools. At the same time, there is a great need to renew the urban environment in several of the city's million program areas. By combining these two needs, we create a sustainable urban development together with Helsingborghem.



Construction of properties has a major impact on the environment, by recycling materials from the local area, both the need to produce new building materials and transport is reduced.


During the construction of the new preschool at Närlunda, we are working on reusing building materials from demolition in the local area. Among other things, the preschool will be partly built with bricks from a demolished house on Drottninghög and the boards from a garage extension on Närlunda will be a playhouse for the preschool children on Närlunda. The bricks that are reused are hollow bricks that have never before been able to be reused to this extent, together with a contractor, new technology for cleaning bricks has been developed that has made this possible.

Furthermore, we work with purchasing building materials from residual lots or products that for some reason would be thrown away, for example. doors, floors etc. When creating an outdoor environment, we use logs, stones and vegetation to reduce the number of "finished play equipment".

Impact target

Reduced climate impact for construction


Name: Anna Olsson
E-mail: anna.olsson9@helsingborg.se