The City of Helsingborg is one of the first municipalities to offer an innovative solution for washing our company vehicles. The city is about to sign an agreement with a supplier that provides a mobile solution for external and internal washing and cleaning of vehicles. This means that the washing takes place on site at the customer's or where the vehicle is parked instead of the vehicle having to be driven to a stationary washing plant.


This new way of working contributes to reduced transport within the city. In other words, we save both money and the environment by working in this way.


The method means significantly reduced water use. (0.5 liters of water for washing a car (compared to 50-100 liters for a normal car wash). If there is a risk of minimal spillage, thin protection is placed around the vehicle when washing. The initiative challenges the core business's working methods and contributes to a reduced climate footprint and opens up for other effects such as time savings for staff at the Health and Care Administration who do not have to interrupt their activities to spend time driving the car to the laundry.

Impact target

New way of working that reduces transport


Name: Lennart Thuresson
E-mail: Lennart.Thuresson@helsingborg.se