The City Planning Administration's operations and maintenance department are finding it increasingly difficult to meet residents 'and companies' expectations of quick, high-quality responses and at the same time have time to manage the city.

Receiving comments, requests and reporting errors is today largely a manual process that is both time-consuming and difficult to ensure quality. To develop and streamline our working methods, we will with the pilot Analysis & Automation explore how we can use data to reduce the time our employees currently spend answering questions. The goal is to instead have more time to work proactively to find solutions before the problems arise.


With the help of skills other than the one we have traditionally used, we will explore how we can work more proactively than reactively with case management. This is because we see a need to learn more about how data can streamline the city building administration's working methods in several areas. With that, the administration will be better equipped to meet the challenge with the residents' ever-increasing expectations of our services.


We will learn more and explore the possibilities of changing working methods and streamlining with the help of expertise in data analysis and automation. We start with data from the city's existing cases to scale up and review data in other areas at a later stage. We will use existing data to learn about the future needs of residents. The system will thus learn to answer less complex questions and free up time so that employees can focus their work on making the urban environment better.

Impact target

Reduced case flow, faster responses and the right expectations.


Name: Louis Guerpillon
E-mail: Louis.Guerpillon@helsingborg.se

Name: Torbjörn Johansson
E-mail: torbjorn.johansson@helsingborg.se

Name: Tóra Briem
E-mail: Tora.Briem@helsingborg.se