When handing over between staff or when an employee steps on their passport at a customer's, a signal is sent that they are in place. In this way, it is quickly discovered if the staff is on time for their passport so that the customer is not left alone. The attendance system reduces the administration to handle gaps in the schedule and makes emergency planning smoother.


Employees in daily operations and personal assistance do not always have overlapping schedules. This means that there is no built-in control because there are staff on site when the customer comes home from, for example, their daily operations.

Today, the control takes place through reporting by SMS from staff to the coordinator or unit manager. If an SMS has not arrived within five minutes after the staff is to be on site, the unit manager must resolve the situation and find a replacement as soon as possible. Five minutes is a very short time for the unit manager, but a relatively long time for the customer who may be alone and abandoned without being able to enter their accommodation.


Through mobile-based systems, staff can automatically "check in" when the phone detects the customer's Wifi signature on the home network. The unit manager is only alerted if something is not right and in that situation he receives information directly in the form of who is to be on site and his telephone number. Alarms also go to the staff who are scheduled to work on the shift.

Impact target

Reduced number of occasions where users have been left alone

Impact target

Reduced time that the unit manager must spend on checks on handover

Resident involvement

The solution is tested together with healthcare staff


Name: Sara Månsson
E-mail: sara.mansson@helsingborg.se