Mitt Helsingborg enables simple, accessible and personal interaction between the city and the inhabitants. Mitt Helsingborg will take us from many channels to one, from reactive to proactive and from generic to personal, and enable the resident to gather all their contact with the municipality on one only place. At first, we are developing Mitt Helsingborg as an app, but in the long run the idea is that the solution will be unit-independent. So in the future, the user may reach Mitt Helsingborg via web or smart watch.



The challenges of the future will require us to use our resources in the best way, streamline work and be able to ensure the adequacy of capacity as requirements increase. As expectations of the services and products we provide increase, it is no longer enough just to provide digital service for our residents. We need to enable a smoother digital interaction between residents and the municipality, an interaction that is proactive rather than reactive, personal rather than generic.


In Mitt Helsingborg - a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a year - residents can gather their contact with the municipality at one place, get an overview of and access to the contact with the municipality and be an active participant rather than a passive recipient in their relationship with the city.

The vision is that you log in with your bank ID and get a simple overview of your contacts with the municipality. Examples of future services could be;

  • There's a garbage dump this afternoon (the sensor on your dustbin has already noticed that it is soon full and ordered emptying)
  • It's time to make a preschool application for your child. Nice to get rid of those crumpled and sticky forms from the mellis banana from school in the kids' backpacks!
  • And that your building permit for the fence you want to build at the back of the house has been granted. Nice - the holiday plans are saved!

We are currently working on the first step in Mitt Helsingborg, where we are building a service to apply for financial assistance together with the labor market administration.

For financial assistance, there are two impact goals:

- An increase in the proportion who prefer digital application over analogue, such as at least 27% digital application

- To proactively provide requested information to the user, reduce the proportion of demand at contact centers from the current 12,000 calls per year.

Impact target

The number of cases, in particular so-called unnecessary demand, at contact centers will be reduced for the services or customer journeys that are implemented in Mitt Helsingborg

Impact target

Residents should be able to solve their municipality-related needs easily, where and when they need it, in a digital, personal experience.

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    Digital communication, Digitization

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    Hbg Works


Name: Lotta Ahlberg
E-mail: lotta.ahlberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Victoria Sandqvist
E-mail: victoria.sandqvist@helsingborg.se