If you were asked: How do Helsingborg's different districts sound? What would you answer then? In this project, we will be able to let local musicians and other cultural practitioners, together with, among others, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, answer the question by creating music that sounds Helsingborg. With the help of technology, the listener can get through the city, for example walking or cycling on cycle paths, to the rhythm of a seamlessly changing soundtrack in the headphones.


Through Min stadsdel's soundtrack, the opportunity for self - creation is extended to local creators around the city in a visionary project. The musical results also contribute to pride and community locally. With the technical solutions, conditions are created for a new way of discovering, experiencing and getting to know the city and its different parts.


We are testing a process where professional musicians and local actors together create new content; a high-grade involvement is the starting point in the work. We test digital sound technology connected to GPS or similar to create seamlessly changing sound landscapes.

Resident involvement

The project will be created for 100% with the residents, but until we can meet in groups, the project will be paused

  • Challenge

    How do we fight segregation in our communities?

  • Category


  • Technologies

    Application, Digital communication

  • Sector

    Digitization, Culture, Co-creation, Area work

  • Partners

    Helsingborg Arena and Stage, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Culture in neighborhoods


Name: Serkan Erol
E-mail: serkan.erol@helsingborg.se

Name: Max Granström
E-mail: max.granstrom@helsingborg.se