The app The booking service should promote cooperation around a resident or a family based on the resident's needs instead of starting from our traditional processes.


Through the app's functions, the resident can have a greater room for maneuver, increased participation and self-determination, as well as a greater opportunity to try their own wings in safer forms.


The functions in the app should partly provide an extended, catchy hand from the social services, and partly provide the opportunity for a contact where the resident has much greater opportunities to influence how and when the contact takes place and what it contains. It also provides the opportunity to engage a network around the resident, if they wish.

The app is created together with residents in several different stages during development. The idea has its origins in the needs that the residents described in the residents' interviews that the digital team did at the start-up. (Right now: requirements spec, MVP, workshop)

Resident involvement

Prototypes have been tested with residents

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    Digitization & Technology

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    Children and young people, Social innovation

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    Labor market administration, Hbg Works, Contact center


Name: Lisbeth Davidsson
E-mail: lisbeth.davidsson@helsingborg.se