Innovation.helsingborg.se is the platform that is the hub of the city's innovation initiative. Here, the city presents its city-wide challenges and its entire innovation portfolioMoath workers, inhabitants, association life, business life and academia m fl offered to help with ideas to solve the city's challenges and create one smarter, more sustainable and caring world. All visitors can on the platform take part of existing initiatives and get tips on methods and aids to work with innovation.  


Continuous innovation work requires low prestige and transparency. The City of Helsingborg's investment in innovation is based that we must cooperate with our surroundings in order to be able to solve the challenges such as we face as a cityWe need create conditions for increase synergies both internally and externally.  


We test that on this platform make visible our challenges for the outside world in order to ask for help in resolving them. We also try to be completely transparent with all initiatives that are run within the framework of the innovation venture including failed ventures and the lessons learned. This in order to get as much collaboration and synergies as possible, both internally and externally. The platform is constantly evolving and new features are added continuously to create as much value as possible.  

Impact target

Increased collaboration and learning within the city, which will lead to increased efficiency and synergies.


Collaboration has increased internally in the city and the initiatives that have been implemented have thus been able to have synergies for more branches of activity. User / platform has increased.

Impact target

Increased collaboration with the outside world, which will lead to higher quality and better services. Ultimately, a smarter, more sustainable and caring world.


Collaboration with the outside world has increased, which has led to more initiatives on each challenge and ultimately higher quality and better services.


Name: Lisa Olsson
E-mail: lisa.olsson@helsingborg.se