A website to quickly and easily spread information to a group of people with different needs.

Log in to the website, choose which groups to inform, write a text, record a movie or choose explanatory pictures. At the touch of a button, e-mails or text messages are created and sent to the recipients with the type of information they want and understand. Someone receives an SMS with an audio file, another person receives an email with text translated into Arabic. You do not have to think about who or whom you should send an e-mail or text message to - the system takes care of that.

The multi-button has been developed by employees within LSS during one of our innovation sprints.


A recurring problem in health and care is the time it takes to produce and disseminate information. This applies not least to our daily operations, where the information must also be disseminated and adapted in different formats and channels. It is not only the customer who must know that a daily business, for example, closes earlier on Friday, but also relatives, personal assistants and good men. Some prefer the information via e-mail and others via text message, some want information in Swedish and others in another language. For some, a video or audio file is more appropriate and in some cases symbols or images are required for the recipient to understand the information.


A website that can record movies and audio, translate text and send emails and text messages. The goal is for the website to be able to retrieve information, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from our business systems in the future, but during the development period an independent database will be used.


Impact target

Saved time to communicate information to users, tenants, staff and relatives

Impact target

More cases of users and tenants receiving information in a way they have chosen (fewer notes in the bag)


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se

Name: Mikael Håkansson Mansdorff
E-mail: Mikael.HakanssonMannsdorff@helsingborg.se

Name: Marcus Madsen
E-mail: marcus.madsen@helsingborg.se