At the touch of a button, e-mails or text messages are created and sent to the recipients with the information in the way that the recipient wants and understands. Someone receives a text message with text translated into Arabic, another person receives an e-mail with a video where the information is presented.

The idea behind Multiknappen is to make participants in the LSS activities more involved in information that concerns their everyday life, information that has previously been communicated primarily to their relatives or staff at the accommodation. With the Multi Button, relatives and participants can have a text translated, receive video, while large amounts of information can reach out digitally from day activities and daily activities.

The multi-button is an app to quickly and easily spread information to a group of people with different needs.

The idea was developed by employees in the LSS business and family support during one of our innovation sprints. Occupational therapist Åsa Westesson and support educator Katja Ljunggren wanted to change the way we disseminate information to customers and relatives, partly to not communicate over the heads of people with different needs and partly to facilitate the work for staff.


A large part of the information to relatives can not be accessed by the participants themselves, for example a note with written information to a relative about a participant who cannot read. The note can also be forgotten instead of reaching a relative.

A recurring problem in health and care is also the time that goes into creating and disseminating information, not least for our daily activities where the information needs to be adapted in different formats and channels. The customer needs to know that a daily business, for example, closes earlier on Friday, but the information also needs to reach relatives, personal assistants and good men.

Some prefer information via e-mail, others via text message, some want information in Swedish and others in another language. For some, a video is more appropriate and in some cases pictograms or images are required for the recipient to understand the information.   


With the help of a mobile application, you who communicate can choose which groups are to be the recipient, then the system handles the mailing via e-mail and text message. You record a film which is then automatically transcribed or translated, sent out by the Multi Button via e-mail or text message, all based on how the recipient wishes to receive the information.

The goal is for Multiknappen to retrieve information, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from our own business systems. During the development period, a stand-alone database is used.

In 2022, we want to see an upscaling within the administration and also spread the Multi Button to other administrations. The multi-button can become a local app for each individual business.

Impact target

Saved time to communicate information to customers, residents, employees and relatives

Impact target

Customers and residents receive information in a way they have chosen and can understand


Name: Mikael Håkansson Mansdorff
E-mail: Mikael.HakanssonMannsdorff@helsingborg.se