Can we help more students become interested in the nature-oriented subjects (biology, chemistry, physics) and technology by using VR technology in learning?


With an increased interest in the NO subjects, we increase the opportunities for knowledge development and goal fulfillment in each subject and can make more students interested in applying to science high school programs - and a science-oriented working life in the long run.

To achieve sustainable development with less risk of catastrophic effects from climate change, the world needs more scientists. Through this initiative, we hope to get a few steps closer.



This initiative will be further explored, including training in VR technology, and tested by teachers and students at Laröd's school during the autumn term 2021.

Power measurement will be done using:

  • Interview with students via questionnaires at the end of Autumn 21
  • Comparison of test results from previous years
  • Comparison of semester grades


The test showed, among other things, that equipment and internet connection need to be better and the material more interactive in order to engage the students to a greater extent. You will find a test report here.

Impact target

Increased interest in NO substances


Interest increased slightly, but equipment and connection were not enough to test the hypothesis. One insight is that the material needs to be more interactive.

Resident involvement

Explored and tested together with students at Laröd's school.


Name: Vera Elmlund
E-mail: vera.elmlund@helsingborg.se