Balance More walks are fall-prevention exercises that are done during a walk. The walks are available today as an activity at a number of meeting points. The walks have been around since 2018 and are usually led by a staff or volunteer.

The exercises are performed along the walking loop and are available on a piece of paper with cartoon characters with accompanying text in Swedish. The walks are developed by the health and care administration's occupational therapists and physiotherapists based on, among others, Otago and Hife, which are evidence-based methods.

We want to increase the accessibility of the walks and exercises by digitizing them. It is important that digitalisation captures the local perspective.


We want to develop the concept by digitizing and adding functions that cannot be done in a sheet of paper. Then the opportunity to get more balance in life can become more accessible to use and reach more target groups.

In addition, we can

  • create conditions for residents to improve their balance and strength when they want and can, ie "video on demand"
  • make it easier for staff and volunteers to keep up with the activity
  • create conditions for people with functional variations and language confusion to participate.


An application that shows the filmed exercises with clear body language that shows how the exercise should be performed.

Short films with information about why it is important to train your balance and strength. The films should be subtitled in the largest languages in Sweden. Information material to prevent fall accidents - National Board of Health and Welfare

Staff who work as occupational therapists and physiotherapists from VOF who produce material in collaboration with residents.

Option 1 is to do a general Balance More walk that can be applied in the immediate area at the meeting points or any area where there are conditions to perform the exercises. The alternative can be in an easy and difficult version of the walk.

Option 2 to digitize existing Balance More walks that today are around a number of meeting points.

Testing of the digital guide will be carried out in the autumn of 2021. The goal is to understand whether the digital solution is more value-creating than the paper variant.

Impact target

Reduced fall accidents

Impact target

Increased security


Name: Tina Olofsson
E-mail: Tina.Olofsson2@helsingborg.se