Monument; an innovative participation project where all the city's residents are invited to a competition
which is about voting for the best proposals for new memorials in Helsingborg.



Helsingborg City Theater aims with the Monument project to test the limits of what performing arts could be and to be able to meet audiences in new ways with technology as an accessory.

Helsingborg City Theater, like many other cultural institutions, faces the challenge of reaching younger target groups with its activities. Helsingborg City Theater aims to increase the number of visits and the strategic goal to innovate in an innovative way how we present and offer theater in order to maintain and develop interest in both the performing arts and the theatre's relevance as a social actor.


Selected entries will be shown during the H22 City Expo with the help of the digital technology Augmented Reality. The audience goes for a walk in the city; a walk that is also a performing arts experience, and along the way you can via an app in your mobile take part in the various proposals thanks to the latest digital technology.

Impact target

Challenge the audience's experience of the project / walk as performing arts / theater.

Impact target

Develop the performing arts and interest in theater

Resident involvement

All residents of the city are invited to a competition that involves voting on the best proposals for new memorials in Helsingborg. Residents are allowed to suggest who they think should be immortalized in the form of a statue or monument, where this memorial should be located and justification why. Statues, monuments and memorials are stories about the time they were created and a kind of message to those who come after us. But whose story are they telling? And what history do the people of Helsingborg think should be preserved for the future?

  • Driven by

    Helsingborg Arena and Scen AB, The Cultural Administration, The City Building Administration

  • Challenge

    How can we make residents more involved and co-creative?

  • Category


  • Technologies


  • Estimated budget

    1786000 kr

  • Cost so far

    1786000 kr

  • Sector

    Participation, Digitization, Culture

  • Partners

    The Cultural Administration, The City Building Administration


Name: Dennis Claesson
E-mail: dennis.claesson@helsingborg.se