A lot is happening in the area of mobility and Helsingborgshem has developed an internal vision for mobility work. In addition to this vision, we are also launching innovative mobility initiatives for our residents with a project called Mobility at Drottninghög.


We have developed the mobility vision to ensure that our various initiatives in the area follow a common thread and have a bearing on our core business and our ownership mission. Mobility at Drottninghög we start to contribute to the city's climate goals by enabling more sustainable ways of moving to, from and within the area.


The mobility vision will be presented as a practical guide in digital format that contains Helsingborgshem's thoughts on mobility and a checklist to ensure that initiatives and projects are in line with the vision. Helsingborgshem's mobility work must stand on three legs - sustainability, security and customer value. Mobility at Drottninghög We begin, in collaboration with researchers from Halmstad University, with in-depth dialogue work with our customers to understand their needs. At the same time, we scan the market to see what supply there is and which potential partners want to join us on this journey in innovation, innovation and behavior change. Furthermore, we have a close dialogue with the city and we also plan to collaborate with the other developers in the area.

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    Climate & Environment

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    Sharing economy, Co-creation, Environment, Mobility, Mobility solutions, Transport

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    AHA2, Halmstad University


Name: Anna Nijssen
E-mail: Anna.nijssen@helsingborgshem.se