Every year, the social welfare board sets different kinds of goals for its work, so also for the financial year 2022-2023. This time, we thought that those who use the Social Administration's services themselves would be allowed to participate and formulate those goals. We believe that it can make the services of the social administration better, almost like a kind of direct democracy.


What is most important to focus on? Where does it work extra well, extra bad? What can we set for goals that affect the services for the better, for those who use them? Opening up and inviting more people into the planning work is smart, we think, instead of trying to guess what people need. In the end, it is still those who use the social administration's services who can decide whether it works well or not.


We have, during a couple of intensive working days, gathered together to work with the goals for 2022. Those who participated came from the association life, the social committee, the municipality and so there were a few other mixed people who themselves have experience of social work. We combined what we came up with with the experiences from working with a method called "resident travel" (where you map not only how someone uses a service and how it works but also what happens before and after). As if that were not enough, we had experience from a project called "Close care".

The work resulted in several proposals for goals and activities that were handed over to the board together with a proposal on how the board could measure goals and activities so that they know that they lead to the effects they intended.

During the autumn of 2021, we will continue to work with more people who have experience of the social administration's services and then we also thought to invite a bunch of young people to get more perspectives in the work before the financial year 2023. This time we thought to work with this for a longer period than the first time.

Impact target

Improved social services for those who use them

Resident involvement

Residents participate in workshops to formulate proposals for goals


Name: Gunilla Christiansson
E-mail: gunilla.christiansson@helsingborg.se