Can we make it possible for students with a mother tongue other than Swedish to show their knowledge in different subjects in their own strongest language instead of doing it in Swedish?


As a student, you can be strong in a subject but have difficulty communicating your knowledge before you have learned Swedish. Not being able to show their knowledge can create uncertainty about one's own ability and, by extension, the study motivation. At the same time, the only subject that you need to know Swedish to be able to show your knowledge of Swedish in particular. How can we make it easier for students and teachers to make knowledge assessments in subjects other than Swedish?



The Math in your strongest language initiative is based on the research report Integration on equal terms and wants to test a method for professional development that can enable assessment in various subjects in the student's strongest language. The method is based on study guidance and grading will be done by regular teachers.

Hypothesis:  If the student can be assessed in mathematics in their strongest language, we increase goal fulfillment and increase the number of students who achieve eligibility for upper secondary school. 

In the autumn of 2021, the method will be tested together with Högastenskolan and limited to the subject of mathematics and Arabic as a language. The test involves 40 students, 1 math teacher and 4 study tutors. The test uses the Math app. As an evaluation, we use the grade development and interviews with teachers, students and study supervisors during the semester.

At the H22 City Expo:

Impact target

Increased goal fulfillment and upper secondary school eligibility

Resident involvement

The method is tested together with students, teachers and study supervisors at Högastensskolan.


Name: Agneta Gullstrand - Department of Multilingualism
E-mail: agneta.gullstrand@helsingborg.se