We are exploring new ways to measure how Helsingborgers estimate different parts of the city and how this changes over time.


We work with district development and want to be able to measure how well we succeed in raising the attractiveness of different districts.


The development of a district can be measured on the basis of various parameters. For example, through the properties' return requirements / yield or socio-economic metrics, such as income levels or employment rate. But we want to explore the possibility of also measuring soft parameters that are linked to people's experience / feeling. By analyzing large amounts of data from the web and people's digital footprints in a so-called sentiment analysis, we hope to be able to capture the Helsingborgers' attitude to different parts of the city. In the future, this could be an alternative to traditional surveys and other types of proven surveys.

The project is planned and the goal is to carry out a pilot study in the autumn of 2020.

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    Public environment, Area work, Urban planning


Name: Sinna Broberg
E-mail: sinna.broberg@gmail.com