You who receive care at home, how do you experience it? If you live in an LSS home, how does it work? At what points in the meeting with the staff does it work extra well, and when does it work less well?

We map the experience together with you through a way of working called "customer journey". It is a smart way to find out how you experience the meeting with the municipality and how we can create a better experience for you.



By describing different customer journeys, we can better understand and develop solutions for future care and care. The "life journey" is a kind of customer journey for people in home care, LSS and care housing where we identify and highlight problems, joys, needs and limitations. The journey of life is about understanding where we are going and what is in demand in the future.



In the near future, we will meet and talk with Helsingborgers of all ages to together create a picture of our wishes and hopes for the future. In this way, our innovation work gets a context and it becomes easier for us to find and develop solutions that provide great value for a long time.

Impact target

More formulated needs, chafing, problems and user scenarios


Name: Malin Remmerfors
E-mail: malin.remmerfors@helsingborg.se

Name: Fabian Lundmark Svensson
E-mail: fabian.lundmark@helsingborg.se