We are testing whether it is possible to build a new lawn with recycled building material that is submitted to NSR.


Mining natural materials from our nature, such as rock material and pebble ridges, is a problem that we must find a solution to as many of these areas are drinking water reservoirs. Reusing building materials that come to the landfill to build new green spaces is a good environmental idea.


By crushing roof tiles, concrete and reusing contaminated topsoil and adding compost and biochar, functional surfaces for grass can be created. Together with NSR, materials are created and produced to be a plant medium that works to create a grass surface that works both in terms of wear and drainage. This is tested in cultivation boxes created with different mixtures and percentage compositions. These cultivation boxes are being tested today at Norrvalla IP. At Norrvalla IP, we also want to scale up the experiment to a 7 to 7 level.

Impact target

Recycle materials from NSR

Resident involvement

Opportunity for the individual to create this with recycled material when creating a garden.


Name: Anders Hammarlund
E-mail: anders.hammarlund@helsingborg.se