Helsingborgs kulturskola will start a Youtube channel for children of preschool age with short sections about a letter and an instrument.


Helsingborgs kulturskola wants to arouse an interest in song, music, instruments, letters, the Swedish language, give the children a rewarding moment and show that Kulturskolan exists. By posting the episodes on Youtube, they will be available to anyone who wants to see the material.


Every month, a working group consisting of music / rhythm educators and sound technicians at Kulturskolan will record episodes that will be posted on the Youtube channel. When a new section is out, we will send a link to the preschools and open preschools in the city that are interested. Our hope is to invite preschools to a musical performance at the end of the school year based on the letters and instruments in our sections.

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Name: Matilda Nilhamn - Helsingborgs Kulturskola
E-mail: matilda.nilhamn@helsingborg.se