JAGÉGO is an interactive AR exhibition about mental health. The exhibition is mobile and can be moved around to different places. The purpose of the exhibition is to give young people knowledge about mental health and knowledge of where to turn if you need support.


Party was commissioned to promote the mental health of children and young people in Helsingborg. As part of that work, workshops were held with young people where they could reason and talk about mental health. The results showed that young people wanted more knowledge, especially about what could equip and strengthen, as well as more knowledge about where they can turn if they are not feeling well. To report back and at the same time give young people the opportunity for more knowledge about mental health, we created the JAGÉGO exhibition.


The exhibition wandered around both Helsingborg and Landskrona. It has been presented at Helsingborg's library, Olympiaskolan, Elineberg, Dunkers and Landskrona libraries. When the exhibition was shown at the schools, we collaborated with student health, which did work directly linked to the exhibition. The exhibition was also made as a digital version so that students and teachers could work with the material directly in the classroom. What made the exhibition unique at that time was that it was interactive and that the young people could leave their mark on it.

The exhibition is not shown now, but the website with all the material remains.

Impact target

Children and young people who are better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life and who know where to turn when needed. 

Resident involvement

The content of the exhibition is based on workshops that were conducted with 75 young people, as well as a co-creative process with representatives from student health in Helsingborg.


Name: Hanna Rosander Burnesson
E-mail: Hanna.rosanderburnesson@helsingborg.se