The IoT workshop is a place to gather the city's IoT souls and let them experiment and implement various IoT solutions. The place will function both as a meeting place and as a test lab. Materials must be available so that people can quickly test their idea in reality.




We are good at IoT but we can get better, with a meeting place and a lab we can be helped to drive development forward, quickly learn what works and what does not work and learn from each other. The development and competence of those involved in the IoT workshop will be increased and the best thing is that everyone can participate. The IoT workshop will train the city's administrations but also enable more cooperation between administrations and the business community. We believe that when we work together, we achieve more and more benefits than if we work individually.

The IoT workshop will gather insights and develop new value-creating services, in the city, for citizens!



The IoT workshop will meet a couple of times a month at Hbg Works. We must work towards a clear focus at a time and in the workshop there must be hardware to quickly test the hypotheses that are brought into the workshop. Everyone is welcome to join the workshop and it is the intention that the people who participate should rotate depending on the focus area / focus. External skills, business and other groups must be invited to events and training.


Impact target

Increase knowledge regarding IoT in the city


Projects have been carried out with the City Management Administration, Helsingborgshem, the City Building Administration, the Culture Administration and the School and Leisure Administration.

Impact target

At least 4 sharp test / use cases within IoT have been tested and evaluated


More than 4 tests have been carried out, among other things, rubbish bins on Sundstorget have been connected to mark when they need to be emptied, soil moisture is measured to know when you need to water, the dew point on the shipyard bridge is measured to indicate when it needs to be salted, all lifebuoys are connected and now have clearer visualization, sensors on trolleys at Drottninghög show where they are, connection of office premises to get a better climate and visualization of the occupancy, visualization of IoT control panel for students so they can see indoors and outdoors.


Name: Andreas Postl
E-mail: andreas.postl@helsingborg.se

Name: Magnus Lindhe
E-mail: Magnus.Lindhe@helsingborg.se