To make Hbg Works as accessible and open as possible, we have chosen not to have a traditional reception. As a visitor, there is an unmanned entrance that is open during office hours, and there you enter yourself when you come and go. (To enter the house, call on an intercom at street level). In addition, we have two doors where you can enter if you have a tag. Since we have three entrances to Hbg Works, it can be difficult to keep track of how many people are in the room at the same time. We see a need and an opportunity to get a better idea of the number of people and the movement in the house.

Our hypothesis is that the value of this would be:

  • Statistics and occupancy - over time to better plan meetings and events
  • Fire safety - when evacuating, count the number of people
  • Security - give warning if too many people are staying in the room at the same time (Corona)

The test starts in December 2020.


In February 2019, the doors to Hbg Works were opened. A meeting place in the middle of Helsingborg, where people from all the city's businesses can meet to work with innovation and development and receive support with delivery and scalability.

We who start from here are almost 50 people. In addition to us, we have some colleagues who are more flexible, ie they have Hbg Works as one of their "home workplaces". In addition, we have several colleagues in the city who come here continuously and in addition we have colleagues and external visitors who come more or less sporadically. Hbg Works can thus be described as something in between a traditional office and a coworking place.

An ambition with Hbg Works as a place is to be a test bed, ie. that we can use the site itself to test new stuff. To find out the number of people and the movement in the premises, we are now in contact with a supplier about how we could do this with sensors with the latest camera technology on the market.


More specifically - this is how it goes; the sensors are installed in the ceiling of the three entrances to Hbg Works. These sensors objectify people from above who then store in and out passage from the room. The software keeps track of how many people are in the room in real time, which enables us to publish the information on e.g. info screen, app, web.

It is important to note that these cameras are used as counters and no video stream is stored. Only numbers are stored and forwarded. The system is located behind a physical firewall in place.

Impact target

Over time, see the number of people in the premises to be able to better plan meetings and events


Statistics are available and analysis of events and meetings can be analyzed

Impact target

Security - give warning if too many people are staying in the room at the same time (Corona)


The possibility to warn in the event of an excessive load of premises is available and can be activated.

Impact target

Increased control during evacuation, counting the number of people


Visualization is available in the IoT control panel and is displayed on screen in the room (smartsign)


Name: Andreas Postl
E-mail: andreas.postl@helsingborg.se

Name: Anna Brandeby
E-mail: anna.brandeby@helsingborg.se

Name: Lovisa Snekkersten
E-mail: lovisa.snekkersten@helsingborg.se