Involvers must match the needs of individuals / groups with competencies that other individuals / groups possess and vice versa. The initiative is based on personal meetings, which could not be carried out during the pandemic. There is a continued dialogue with the initiators to start up again when the restrictions have eased.


The purpose is to include several groups and contribute to more people experiencing a sense of dignity and meaningful activation.

Many people who belong to target groups with substance abuse and / or mental illness today experience involuntary loneliness, despite various projects and programs that are to counteract it. Involver believes that a match between the skills and needs of these groups can be helpful. This can result in individuals being able to take part in meaningful activities that make them feel needed, valuable, included and thus less lonely.


By arranging dialogues between users, officials and researchers about the challenge, new collaborations will be created. Everyone involved gets more knowledge and it can also provide an increased understanding of each other's roles. The residents' experiences are used.

By allowing users to participate and co-create, the authority is perceived as a partner instead of only being seen as in power. This leads to the external face of the business being improved and becoming an actor in society that residents trust, but also understand.

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    The social administration

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    Participation, Social innovation, Social entrepreneurship

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    Inhabitant, Involve, Sopact


Name: Pernilla Kvist
E-mail: pernilla.kvist@helsingborg.se