Resident Reporter is a project where people with their own experience of social services can write about social work and development projects from their perspective on the social administration's website opnnasoc.se.


The social administration needs to improve its communication, both internally and with users and user organizations, and in particular the communication about the projects we run with user participation.

Furthermore, we need a function that can review the business, a "critical friend", as a support in the quality work and in the work with user participation. By presenting the users 'perspectives and letting the business answer their questions, we can raise issues that are important for the users' trust as well as for the quality of the business.


As a resident reporter, you will have the opportunity to highlight issues that you, or people in your network, want to address or ask the activities about. You will be offered assignments to do interviews, attend meetings, conferences, lectures and other events and portray them from your perspective. You will also receive reports from various working groups and development projects with user participation.

You choose which assignments you want to do and how much time you want to spend on this. You receive an hourly fee for your published contributions. The results are published on opnnasoc.se, through the social administration's communicator. The communicator acts as editor and contact person for the resident reporters. You will also receive practical training and guidance from an experienced journalist.

Impact target

More articles written by residents' reporters on opnnasoc.se

Impact target

More visits and read articles on opnnasoc.se

Impact target

Increased knowledge of the social administration's development projects among employees, users and user organizations

Impact target

Create awareness and increase interest in social issues

Resident involvement

Residents act as reviewers

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    The social administration

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    Participation, Communication

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Name: David Bergström
E-mail: david.bergstrom@helsingborg.se