"70 is the new 20," say the researchers. We say; hurray!
But also wonder why so many people aged 70+ are in digital exclusion?
We want to improve this!

We organize an intensive weekend where new solutions for the target group are worked out by different teams of developers that we have picked up from different places. The team works on the basis of 70+ Helsingborgers' stories about life and an idea workshop that we hold with the age group on the first day. After 48 hours of work, a winning solution is chosen by a knowledgeable jury and then the team gets the chance to develop the prototype into a business solution in Helsingborg.

We do it like a classic hackathon. But make the inhabitant an active subject and therefore call it; Inhabithon!


There have never been so many active, healthy and curious people aged 70 and up before. At the same time, many in Sweden live in digital exclusion, many older people for various reasons. It is at the intersection of both of these perspectives that we now need to find new solutions to create an increased quality of life for the age group 70+.

On 11-13 June, we will therefore do a hackathon for 48 hours with a number of solution-focused teams consisting of programmers, developers and designers who work out proposals for solutions. A jury consisting of users, tech people and business managers nominates a winner who is offered the opportunity to develop a prototype further together with the municipality.

The question for our Inhabithon is; how can we increase the digital intimacy for the age group 70+ and at the same time create more quality of life for how we live, work and live as older people in the future?

The winning entry will be presented as a case in connection with H22.


As part of testing new ways of working, we are now doing a Hackathon, for the simple reason that new smart solutions for a better municipality and a smarter society are not something we come up with ourselves - we must work together with others to achieve this. The intensity of the hackathon weekend is appealing to us in the municipality who are generally used to working in processes that can be quite lengthy.

What looks like the other side of this Inhabithon is hopefully an exciting prototype that we within the City of Helsingborg Group are developing together with the winning team. There is then the opportunity to tell about this work as a case during H22, with dissemination to target groups who are interested in sustainable societal development in Sweden and around the world.

Of course, the city of Helsingborg is not alone in thinking along these lines. We operate in an extremely exciting region that means good opportunities for entrepreneurs and societal changers who want something. Hackathons are held here and wherever we in the city of Helsingborg also want to explore how we can make more use of this thinking.

The idea is that we learn from the first test and then scale up and make more Inhabithons.

Impact target

Several concrete development proposals, directly rooted in the needs of the people of Helsingborg


Name: Tommy Boije
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se

Name: Lovisa Snekkersten
E-mail: lovisa.snekkersten@helsingborg.se