We create a completely new experience of Sofiero. A destination that is dark for large parts of the year is illuminated with interactive lighting all year round. A lighted park, both walks and experiences, which you can be a part of and control with the help of the latest technology. How about lighting up the park according to your mood, accompanied by your favorite song?


With this development of the park, an attractive and safe lighting is created at the same time. With interactive lighting, which encourages co-creation, the visitor experience increases and enables new, unique experiences of an already unique place. Sofiero strengthens its position as an accessible, attractive destination for Helsingborgers and tourists all year round.



With the help of smart IoT solutions and the common knowledge within the city, its administrations and external actors, we create something new and exciting in a public environment. Smart lighting is starting to become common in homes. With this innovation project, we take the solutions into a very well-known public destination.

The project is divided into two phases and the work began in February 2022, where stage 1 will be completed in April and stage 2 is expected to be completed in April 2023.


Name: Mikael Löfving
E-mail: mikael.lofving@helsingborg.se

Name: Max Granström
E-mail: max.granstrom@helsingborg.se