Sometimes some problems seem completely impossible to solve, but what if it's just that it's the wrong people trying to solve them? It is difficult to attract young people to several occupations where there is a shortage of labor. It is easy to get a job and often pays well, but still very few young people want to educate themselves in construction, crafts, logistics or nursing to name a few examples. What answers do we get if we ask the young people? And if we ask young people to solve the problem, what happens then?


It is a difficult and incomprehensible dilemma that there are companies that are crying out for labor at the same time as there are far too many who go without work and do not find anyone who wants to hire. Sometimes the problem is that those who are out of work can do wrong things. Too few have the knowledge that companies demand.

If we can get young people to choose educations that provide the right skills for these shortcomings, many would not have to fall into exclusion due to the lack of work, and companies could allow their activities to flourish.

Many are the people who have tried to answer the question: How do we get young people to choose vocational upper secondary education to a greater extent? How do we get more young people to choose professions with a perceived lower status?


The city of Helsingborg offers almost a thousand young people summer internships in order to have an opportunity to really learn in a workplace and perhaps see a profession they did not know existed.

About sixty of these young people will come to the Labor Market Administration in the summer of 2020 and will then be given the task of helping us with one of our most difficult challenges: how do young people choose the shortage?

The summer trainees will learn about the administration's work and the city's needs, but also get inspiration and coaching on idea creation and innovation. We are really looking forward to the exciting ideas these young people come up with.

Impact target

Involve young people in solving difficult societal problems.

Resident involvement

The project is based on the involvement of young people. It is a project about involving young people.


Name: Valmir Jusufi
E-mail: valmir.jusufi@helsingborg.se