The Operations and Maintenance Department within the City Building Administration develops new public toilets annually and takes care of the care of approximately 45 public toilets within the city of Helsingborg.

A working group is working to develop the city's public toilets in terms of safety and security with the help of, for example, sensors, radar cameras and remote control. There is also a working group that works with the concept Family Toilets. It is about developing public toilets from a children's perspective. In the first place, we will develop Family Toilets at Fredriksdal's new playground and also one down by Dockan parken.



In connection with the development of the new innovative toilets, the management of our public toilets will be upgraded in order to meet our customers 'needs for safety and security and the customers' wishes for information regarding the city's public toilets.

It can be anything from sensors / thermal cameras in toilets that detect if someone has fallen over in the toilet due to illness or something else so that you can quickly send the right resources to the right place, to get information about when a toilet was last cleaned, about where the nearest toilet is and if it is open via an app or similar.

It can also be about being able to remotely control the toilets or remote reading of water and electricity meters, all to reduce the costs that burden taxpayers.


How do we do this then?

This is done in collaboration with our toilet contractor who feels that it is important for them as well as it also develops their products.

When it comes to safety and security, our first thought is to use a sensor in the floor that detects if someone is lying on the floor. The second is to use thermal imaging cameras or radar cameras. This is used today in other contexts but not in connection with public toilets. We will be able to send guards, police or medical personnel to the right place and in a much shorter time.

We want to be able to inform customers in real time about when the toilet was last cleaned. So you can choose which toilet you want to go to. You will be able to see which toilets are open if someone should be closed due to repair or service.

We ourselves will be able to remotely control the toilet more through remote shutdown, remote reading of meters and so on.

Impact target

Increased security in the city's public toilets


Name: George Hermann
E-mail: georg.hermann@helsingborg.se