The Innovation Emergency is a quick and targeted effort to solve a concrete problem. This effort looks different depending on which problem is to be solved, but the goal is for a first solution plan to be produced on the same day as the problem is reported.

Part of the solution plan is a workshop with service designers, business developers and experts from the business. Before the workshop, we scout the world and prepare materials. During the workshop, the problem is broken down and a desired situation is developed. At the end of the workshop, we work on developing ideas and solution proposals, and select the most promising ones.

The Innovation Emergency's goal is that it should not take more than a little over a week from the reported problem to the presentation of proposals for a concrete solution.


Our managers and employees work intensively to give the citizens of Helsingborg the best possible care and attention, but under stress and high workload, it is easy to end up in old, run-in ruts. Then it is very valuable to get help and support from someone who can come in with new perspectives on problems.


The joint innovation department supports and helps managers and employees through a simple and reliable process for creative problem solving so that those who experience the problem can focus on the business. We contribute the necessary resources and ensure that measures are implemented quickly.

The reported problem will have an initial solution in a short time, but since most problems also have deeper underlying causes, we will continue to work with them in, for example, future innovation sprints.

Impact target

Quick innovative solutions to acute problems

Resident involvement

Depends on the challenge

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    Care, Care


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se