To increase our customers' independence, they now have the opportunity to make digital purchases of food and medicine.


Through the digital purchasing service, customers can shop from home in peace and quiet and the home service staff can devote more time to other services and service.


During the current corona pandemic, the digital purchasing service has been supplemented with e-Drop, cabinets with cooling and locking function, in close proximity to the customer's home. In this way, both food and medicine can be delivered safely without risking the spread of infection.

Impact target

Reduced time for employees in home service who are devoted to carrying out and coordinating purchases


Name: Robert Skans
E-mail: Robert.Skans@helsingborg.se

Name: Tina Olofsson
E-mail: tina.olofsson2@helsingborg.se

Name: Katarina Lückander
E-mail: katarina.luckander@helsingborg.se