Industrial symbiosis is about one company's waste becoming the other company's resource. The more industrial symbiosis in a city, the less waste. The larger companies' annual official environmental reports contain quality-assured updated information on which residual flows are available as resources in the city. The innovation is about making this information searchable, so that the exchange between the city's companies can increase and the waste can be reduced on a large scale.


The project mainly meets the Creative and Balanced City, within vision 2035 and the global sustainability goals, Goal 9 Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure and Goal 11 Sustainable consumption and production.

The project is completely in line with the Business Program, the Climate and Energy Plan, the Plan for Circular Economy, the Regional Waste Plan and the Quality of Life Program. The project can promote cooperation within the Helsingborg Family.


A review of public environmental reports from around 40 companies in the Helsingborg area will be analyzed to see if a win-win situation could arise in the Helsingborg Family. The aim of the initiative is to identify whether a company's waste can become another company's raw material.

The information about the companies' residual waste and waste must then be made digital and searchable for other companies. If the benefits of increasing industrial symbiosis prove to be great in the region, it should be able to change the way in which EU authorities require environmental reports. That is, to give companies opportunities to provide information about residual waste as open data.

Status January 2021:

Step 1 ready. Scanning of all environmental reports by the companies with the greatest environmental impact.

Step 2 AI analysis started and contacts made with SKR and the national project Future environmental reporting

Status September 2021:

After a collaboration with students at Hyper Island during the summer of 2021, we have chosen to continue the analysis in step 2 via procurement of consulting services.



Impact target

The companies' official environmental reports can be structured to be used to increase the exchange of material resources in the city


Name: Christina Zoric Persson
E-mail: christina.zoric.persson@helsingborg.se

Name: Claes Malmberg
E-mail: Claes.Malmberg@helsingborg.se