As a colleague in the city of Helsingborg, do you have an idea that can make the city better for the people of Helsingborg?
Then we want to test it with you! Small as large, angular as finely honed;
here all ideas are good and welcome with open arms.

The idea lock is there for you as an employee, regardless of administration.
Stop us on the way, throw away an email or call and we will take your idea further.
Together we feel and squeeze it. It spins a couple of turns.
Then we test it on a small scale and see if it flies.

In the worst case, we make a mistake and learn something.
At best, Helsingborg develops forward.
Thanks to you.


If we are to work with innovation, the experts in the business need to dare to come up with their ideas. The teacher, the home service staff, the environmental inspector, the property planner, the communicator, the principal, the employee at the nursing home, the happy person at the LSS accommodation, the Leisure Manager, the business developer, the librarian, the receptionist - it is all the people who know the business best. become innovation.

With Idéslussen, we in Helsingborg have since 2017 received ideas, joined forces around thoughts on how to solve needs, ball-planked in complicated bureaucratic processes but above all tested a lot of ideas.

The idea lock was born in 2017 at the City Management Administration and is today available to all administrations and companies that want to use it as a way to take advantage of employee-driven innovation.


The idea lock is a way of working (work processes influenced by service design, DIY etc), a method (toolbox with tricks and inspiration) and a page on our open intranet where all colleagues in the municipality can post ideas that become micro-sites where you can follow the work from seed to test for further development.

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Name: Tommy Boije
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se

Name: Jennifer Tong
E-mail: jennifer.tong@helsingborg.se