Hydroponic cultivation makes it possible to grow food almost anywhere. You do not need soil to sow in or care about what the weather is like outside. This means that today you can grow lettuce in old parking garages, in space - and in Helsingborg's school canteens.


We are always curious to find new ways to create interest in the food's journey from farm to fork. At Helsingborg's schoolyards, you will therefore often find one or another pallet collar with the students' farms. But outdoor cultivation depends on the right weather and of course we have that with summer holidays and the challenge of taking care of the cultivation during the months when it grows the most. And soil bacteria, we do not want that indoors - especially not near food to be eaten.

But we want to grow all year round and we would like our diners to be able to cut home-grown salad for their lunch. How do we do then?



Well, we remove the soil and weather from the equation and test hydroponic cultivation instead.

At Filbornaskolan, Gunilla Andersson cultivates with her students in the hotel, restaurant and bakery program and at the same time thinks about how this type of cultivation technology can be used to develop restaurant education. IN this movie Gunilla and her students tell how hydroponic cultivation works.


Impact target

Increased knowledge of sustainable cultivation methods and reduced purchases / transports


Name: Gunilla Andersson
E-mail: gunilla.gu.andersson@helsingborg.se

Name: Emma Sjöberg
E-mail: emma.sjoberg@helsingborg.se