At a time when festivals, concerts and other public social and cultural events are canceled, we want to change from a traditional city festival to Sweden's first city festival in digital format. The plan is to offer side by side a number of exciting live features (depending on which restrictions apply).


By implementing the festival instead of canceling it, we enable creative collaborations with local businesses and associations, such as take-away festival menus, reports with associations (and possibly try-out activities depending on the restrictions that apply at the time of implementation). We produce a large number of strong cultural elements, in the form of livestreamed and recorded material, for the audience in a time of isolation and distancing, ie. when it is needed most. Implementation against all odds creates pride and hope for a future when we can once again be seen physically and share valuable experiences together.


An extensive and complex digital live production, mainly at Helsingborg Arena but with material that is recorded around the city. We want to create a strong Helsingborg feeling and local pride. The implementation is based on innovative collaborations with a large number of external actors and within the city.

  • Technologies

    Digital communication

  • Sector

    Digitization, Culture

  • Partners

    Digitization department, Helsingborg City, Helsingborgshem, The Cultural Administration, NSR, The school and leisure administration, The City Building Administration, The city management administration


Name: Jonas Stoltz
E-mail: jonas.stoltz@helsingborg.se

Name: Helen von Platen
E-mail: helen.vonplaten@helsingborg.se