With the help of existing and new technology that we develop, we want to become wiser about how Söder is used and the effect of our efforts and thus be able to make smarter decisions for the future. By collecting existing data that we already measure, with new data, with the help of more wifi points, we get an analysis. We are translating this into a long-term strategy and concrete projects for our ongoing urban development in the South.


If we succeed, we will have a tool for how we can measure security / city life / trade through movement data that can be used throughout the city and thus make our decision-making process smarter. Today, there is no way to get a security index through operating data. There are ways to measure movements, but without a development / interpretation of the data, it is difficult to put it into practice.

The challenge is to get a large enough test group that wants to share their movement data and background information so that we can, for example, link a specific target group to an event / place / time period.


Here's what we want to do:

  1. Install technology that makes it possible to measure.
  2. Analysis of data. Develop an existing product (analysis, index) to our focus (security)
  3. Develop new technology that makes it possible to dive deep and connect data to target groups and reach out to them. Through surveys, assignments, nudging. Should be happy to include a reward system. For example, answer five questions and you will get a cup of coffee (from a company in the South, of course).

Impact target

Two new tools and all projects / decisions that are direct results of the analyzes.


Name: Moa Sundberg
E-mail: moa.sundberg@helsingborg.se