We want to simplify everyday life for the managers in the city of Helsingborg. We want to do this by testing a new concept that has not been used in the area before. We want to put the spotlight on the managers and with their help collect rubbish that they experience in their everyday lives in order to in the long run be able to challenge our existing way of working and drive change in both the support and core business.


Prosperous managers who have the opportunity to spend their time on the right things are a prerequisite for well-functioning businesses. Even today, it is difficult to recruit managers and the retirements of the coming years mean that the challenge will only become even greater in the future. Part of meeting the challenge is to create better and simpler everyday lives for managers, so that it becomes more attractive and sustainable to be a manager.

A simpler everyday life for managers means that they can spend more time on things that give more results for the business, which in turn provides better service to Helsingborg's residents.


We do not yet know the solution or solutions because we also do not know what problems we are going to solve. What we do know is that the challenge is driven by the real needs that exist here and now in the managers. The first step is therefore to understand which chafing in the managers' everyday lives is difficult, complicated, difficult or time-consuming. Once we have identified the abrasions, we will analyze which ones have the greatest impact and then find solution proposals.

Impact target

Managers should spend less time on things that are not value-creating and they should be able to do things in a smarter way.

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    The city management administration

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    Learning and Establishment


Name: Alexandra Stenström
E-mail: alexandra.stenstrom@helsingborg.se