Helsingborg should be an open and inclusive city. To succeed, we need to better understand what everyday life and needs look like for different residents and work innovatively to help solve the challenges.
We have therefore conducted a survey where people in Helsingborg had the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts about discrimination and inclusion in Helsingborg.

The survey was conducted together with actors in civil society.


We need to become better at understanding the gap between the vision of the common city and people's everyday experiences right now. By measuring experiences of discrimination we could get:

  • better basis for the businesses to plan how they can contribute to equal opportunities
  • basis for making central support efforts
  • basis for dialogue on how we can develop the work against discrimination
  • basis for social innovations to prevent and deter discrimination


Analysts have supported how the collection of material should go, how should we ask and how do we capture experiences of discrimination? The material collected was then analyzed using a digital tool and the insights that came in were interpreted and the results packaged.

Here is a presentation of the survey with some descriptive examples.

Impact target

Increased common knowledge about discrimination and exclusion in Helsingborg


The process together with the associations and the fact that we have spread and used the results in different contexts, I believe has contributed to the common knowledge has increased. Warm data, which we obtained here, I believe has created more commitment and interest when we have been able to use it to supplement classic quantitative statistics. But there is still a need to increase the knowledge of various actors and businesses. There is also great potential in continuing to produce this type of data with warm data / experience-based data / stories. The data we obtained also gave us ideas about more issues we need to investigate and delve into in order to increase our knowledge.

Impact target

More people experience Helsingborg as an inclusive and common city


This is impossible to achieve in such a short time and with only a limited survey, but I believe that this type of effort, where we include target groups and show that we take the issue seriously, in the long run contributes to more people experiencing Helsingborg as more inclusive.

Impact target

Higher precision in the efforts we make against discrimination


Since the survey gave us new knowledge about discrimination, we have been able to take certain measures and have had a better basis for developing measures in the city's joint action plan Plan for equal opportunities. The data also provides more and better arguments for the need for certain efforts.

Resident involvement

A number of organizations that work on the basis of discrimination participate in design, collection and analysis. Examples of participating organizations are: Invasam, RFSL Helsingborg, the Anti-Discrimination Agency, the Pensioners' Council, etc.

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Challenge

    How can we improve security for our citizens?

  • Category


  • Estimated budget

    300000 kr

  • Cost so far

    220,000 kr

  • Sector

    Digital communication, Mental Health, Social innovation

  • Partners

    Hbg Works


Name: Elin Turesson
E-mail: elin.turesson@helsingborg.se

Name: Tommy Boije
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se