In the web app, the tenant receives information in easy Swedish as well as information videos on how to take care of your home in the best way. The app is useful for those tenants who have not had time to learn Swedish, they can easily change the language of the text and watch the information films in a dubbed version. The app is also suitable for those who have difficulty concentrating or just feel insecure.


How do I take care of a parquet floor in the best way? Why is it so important to clean the laundry room? And who will be responsible for payment if my guests scribble or mess around in the stairwell? The questions about how to manage a home can be many and if it is the first time you live in a tenancy, it is not obvious what your obligations and rights are.


The property management tests different communication solutions for the target group, information films and information sheets in different languages are some of the ways in which tenants can take part. Now we test the housing app where the information is always available, when you need it.

Impact target

Will lead to nicer apartments for rent, less costs for relocating tenants and a better neighborhood in the properties.


Name: Sara Hedberg
E-mail: sara.hedberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Per Åberg
E-mail: per.aberg@helsingborg.se