Can VR technology help us stimulate our students' creativity and problem-solving ability by visiting places around the world without leaving the classroom?


Today, curricula and curricula place great emphasis on students' contact with the outside world. We want to promote learning by allowing students to acquire their knowledge through experiences outside the classroom. But actually and physically visiting other places is often difficult, it costs money and requires that there are actors who have the opportunity to receive the students' visits.

Virtual reality technology is evolving at a rapid pace and now we want to explore what VR experiences can do to engage and inspire our students to new knowledge about society and the world.


With the help of a half-class set of VR sets with associated software and licenses (ClassVR), Holstagårdsskolan's students will be able to visit different countries in the geography lessons - and perhaps pyramids and synagogues in history and religion?


First insights from the test: 

  • For the students, it is the highlight of the week. So far, they have gone on a guided tour of London, visited St. Peter's Church and the stable in Bethlehem with Jesus, Joseph and Mary (I think even some managed to visit the kingdom of heaven (?)).
  • Time consuming to load and update
  • Important with good quality in the 360 films so that the students do not get dizzy
  • Hard to find good apps for school, apps where they can be active.
  • Time consuming to install apps on every pair of glasses
  • If you lack a system for buying apps, there are only debit cards for Apple so far.
  • Requires a lot of space, even a small group of 13 students gets too crowded in a regular classroom.
  • Hard to keep track of students doing what they are supposed to. The glasses can be connected to a screen, but it only works for one headset at a time.

Impact target

Increased creativity and problem-solving ability

Resident involvement

The technology is tested together with the students at Holstagårdskolan.


Name: Jan Kristofferson - teacher Holstagårdsskolan
E-mail: jan.kristofferson@helsingborg.se