Helsingborg and Helsingör have launched a unique international music project which in the coming year will involve:

1. establish forms for a systematic, long-term sustainable and effective collaboration across the Sound for Danish and Swedish pop music;
2. develop a joint music festival concept in Helsingborg and Helsingör,
3. develop a conference that strengthens independent actors in the sector in terms of skills, networks and quality in implementation.

This is the basis of the interregional venue; Helsingborg / Helsingör.


The collaboration has cleverly succeeded in creating a local, regional, national and Nordic interest in a strategy that contributes to making two cities in two countries a cultural destination. Together, Helsingborg and Helsingör want to develop a common, international music hub and, with close collaboration as a basis, attract both established world artists and young, untested talents. An important part of the development for young bands and artists lies in touring, and then not least the opportunity to perform international concerts. With the initiated collaboration, Helsingborg and Helsingör can facilitate in this part.

The emphasis is on arranging and producing, and supporting other producers and organizers of pop concerts and music festivals in the area.
The desired effects outside the purely musical include the opportunities to develop local skills with a focus on creating jobs, not least for young adults, a strengthened cultural tourism, audience development and increased mobility and even closer cohesion across the part of the Sound where Denmark and Sweden are like very close to each other.


Through innovative forms of collaboration and financing solutions and a clear focus on activities, we quickly create working conditions for taking steps forward. The project devotes most of its energy to concrete implementation projects, from which a more systematic strategy emerges.

  • Driven by

    The Cultural Administration

  • Challenge

    How can we help people feel less lonely?

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  • Sector

    Visiting industry, Culture, Mobility

  • Partners

    Dunkers culture house, Helsingborg Arena and Stage, Helsingör municipality, The Tivoli


Name: Helen von Platen
E-mail: helen.vonplaten@helsingborg.se

Name: Mikael Fock
E-mail: mfo64@helsingor.dk