If you want to know more about your city's history, do you apply to the Library, the city archives, the local community association or the museum? Or maybe an older relative or your neighbor? In the City of Helsingborg's various institutions and associations, among its inhabitants and among researchers and interest groups, there is a wealth of information that only needs a platform to be on in order to be shared, found and retold.
This is the platform that we think Helsingborgskällan should be. Here, as a citizen, as a student, as a teacher and as a researcher, you can find all the sources of information you may need. Through a co-search tool based on either text, map or theme, you can botanize among public activities, individual associations or private individuals information: stories, photographs, reports etc.
If you are looking for information about your residential address, you can through a simple address search find old photographs from the site, the city's conservation program, records, who has lived there, excavation reports, objects owned and used by someone connected to the address - the possibilities are endless. In the map view, you can zoom in and out of the entire city of Helsingborg and by then clicking on a place see what information is available about it. Do you mainly have a thematic interest, e.g. archeology, diseases or statues, you can also do your search based on those terms.
Here, information is gathered from a number of different sources and presented in an easy-to-understand and attractive way, so that you as a user can easily take part in it. You can also share your stories and photographs yourself so that others can share them.


But a unified platform, we can increase the use of our historical cultural environment. We make the sources available, put them in context and connect them to a place. It strengthens the local identity and can form the basis for the creation of a regional profile. The city's historical and cultural profile should be a key asset for its attractiveness and development.
A tool for collecting and sharing history, knowledge and stories is also a tool in the spirit of democracy. By counteracting historylessness, a sense of belonging is created among our citizens, which gives an increased commitment to our time. By making knowledge available and creating opportunities to collect and easily share documentation, own stories, photos, information, the city with its inhabitants, interest groups, research, and not least other administrations can get an overall picture of Helsingborg's development.


We make a survey of what information may be relevant to collect, which channels we can use and then test it against focus groups. We also look at what technical possibilities there are and how the project can both be implemented but also delimited. In the first place, it is about finding the right contacts who can see what additional opportunities there are, which we are not able to grasp.

We start by working with a site example to see how we could work with a historical material.



Impact target

A successful result is a working web platform with an accessible interface that can be tested on the public / focus groups. It also has flexibility in uploading different file formats, support for embedding map views and a good image display tool, preferably with zoom function. There is support for retrieving data and there is a built-in database so that uploading of files is also supported.

Resident involvement

Great potential in the development


Name: Karin Kardell
E-mail: Karin.Kardell@helsingborg.se

Name: Jessica Jönsson
E-mail: jessica.Jonsson@helsingborg.se

Name: Birgitta Witting
E-mail: Birgitta.Witting@helsingborg.se

Name: Annelie Mansson Hassby
E-mail: Annelie.ManssonHassby@helsingborg.se