With Helsingborg's digital twin, we create new conditions for the future community building process

An updated, responsive and visually appealing digital twin that enables analysis and simulations in a 3D environment will help city employees and politicians make quick and informed decisions. In addition, it will also give Helsingborgers a better understanding of future changes in the urban environment and thus give more people the opportunity to actively engage in urban development.

Examples of analyzes that can be done with the help of the digital twin:

  • Opportunity to test different scenarios in urban development projects and visualize the effects of a development plan on the local environment.
  • Simulation of sun / shadow, flood, traffic flows, optimized emergency routes, green areas, noise etc.
  • Analyze and build understanding of data from different sensors (IoT) and AI.




Our vision is that our digital twin will be based on the city's geographical information, give the businesses access to data with the opportunity to build simpler applications where the focus is on analyzes. These analyzes must then be able to be visualized to create a quick and concise understanding of complex data materials.


The City Planning Administration has granted SEK 410,000 in innovation funds to enable a scaling up of resources in the form of a consultant who, among other things, has the task of reviewing the work done so far. The extra skills addition is needed for the city to get as large a return as possible from the investment. Upscaling in the form of expanded functionalities for wind simulation and sight lines has been put in place in the spring of 2022.

Impact target

Enable analysis and simulations in a 3D environment, which will help city employees and politicians make quick and informed decisions.


Name: Magnus Ihrefors
E-mail: Magnus.Ihrefors@helsingborg.se