Imagine a typical meeting room. The door is closed. You sit at a table and watch a powerpoint presentation. Now imagine instead that you are on a colorful indoor playground with large beanbags, a ping pong table, natural light and plenty of space to move freely. In what environment do you think you come up with the most innovative ideas?

In our work to build the smarter city, we need to work with a large number of ideas or hypotheses to reduce some of them to innovation pilots and get them to create innovation in the city's operations. It can be about ideas about how the city can be governed more easily, faster and more smoothly, to services that make life in Helsingborg more sustainable, easier and more fun.

Therefore, Hbg Works is a meeting place for innovation in the municipality, where we offer a creative and open place for municipal employees to meet and collaborate across organizational boundaries in everything related to innovation.

Along with the journey, we have partners from the business community, academia and the people of Helsingborg themselves - in short, all with ideas that can make Helsingborg a smarter city.

Take a look at Hbg Works to see some ideas we have already launched, listen to a podcast about how we work or come to an open lecture or workshop. And do not hesitate to call to our idea coaches if you have an idea that could make Helsingborg smarter.  


When digitalisation reform group presented its work in the spring of 2018, the foundation was laid for what would later become Hbg Works. Then they wrote like this about the reason why a place like this was needed:

” The city today has an established idea-slicing operation, which is good for employee involvement. Ideas can also come from many sources, reform groups, suppliers, universities, etc. But when that idea is on a board at a post office, how do you take it to reality? Should it really be an app? You are often quick on what you think is the right solution. And does it always have to lead to a large public procurement project, where large requirements and reviews are usually more than the exception? In the professionalized digital development world, companies today work with so-called agile development, because they know that the world is changing fast and that what was thought to be the right solution from the beginning may be something completely different (especially after users have been involved). This means that there is a way of working that takes a proposal forward in small but quick steps through iterative learning. You go from service design and needs identification, to prototype, to prototype to proof-of-concept (try to realize technically and in the business) to develop an MVP (minimum viable product). A solution is not developed first and then managed, but is launched in its first useful form, and then lives a life of continuous improvement. Today, it is possible to use services and platforms that you combine for your own needs, and you do not need to buy large "ready-made" solutions such as Unikum or Procapita. It creates a completely different and greater power of action.


”… Helsingborg will continue to develop with openness to new ideas and perspectives. The city's own operations will also work to find new, smarter ways of working. There are high expectations that the new municipal innovation hub HBG Works will contribute to more idea development and, above all, the realization and implementation of new ideas.”  (cut out of the “program for the term 2018-2022)

In addition to being a meeting place for innovation in the municipality, Hbg Works is also an ability to:

  1. Explore new opportunities, ideas, hypotheses in the businesses together with employed intrapreneurs & designers.
  2. Test small-scale innovation pilots with the aim of proving the hypothesis or contradicting it - an innovation pilot, unlike projects, has a high degree of uncertainty and needs to be able to scale up or close down depending on how the test goes. Of course based on insights from users.
  3. Develop digital products that are used on a large scale in the municipality's operations.


Impact target

An increased influx of qualified ideas and an increased number of projects from employee initiatives


Over 290 innovation initiatives in all administrations and companies

Impact target

An elaborated and developed working method for scaling up innovation projects into regular operations


An innovation work that takes place systematically from the highest management level, and as an item on every agenda Innovation council and innovation leader in all administrations An established innovation model and methods for monitoring effects

Impact target

A room full of life, projects and people - with more external meetings and visits to the environment


Hbg Works is a well-known and established meeting place in the city, where a number of new types of skills have been recruited.

Impact target

Hbg Works is used as a reference point for how innovation systematics is built in municipalities


Been a role model for Lund who has opened Studio City Hall

Impact target

An elaborated toolbox of methods adapted to the city


Tested and further developed a number of methods Established new working methods Developed new formats, including Inhabithon and Innovation Rally

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    The city management administration

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    Learning and Establishment

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    3D printing, AI, ARE, IoT, VR

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    The city management administration


Name: Hbg Works
E-mail: hbgworks@helsingborg.se