Through Havoteket, we want to explore a place with a focus on experiences and pedagogy that highlights the qualities of the sea and our responsibility linked to living and working by the Sound.


The purpose of Havoteket is to create interest and commitment and spread knowledge about our seas and marine sustainability issues.


We are creating a visitor pavilion during the H22 City expo that will function as a prototype where we can evaluate what needs and opportunities there are to create a permanent Havotek.



  • Driven by

    The Environmental Administration

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Sector

    Visiting industry, Free time, Environment, School

  • Partners

    Port of Helsingborg, Hemsö, Serneke, The City Building Administration, Tengbom Architects


Name: Stina Bertilsson Adult
E-mail: Stina.BertilssonVuksan@helsingborg.se