Haffa is a concept and a digital platform for sharing our gadgets and resources, reusing furniture and products instead of always buying new and sending the old for recycling.

Instead of each business always buying new furniture and gadgets for themselves - we want to be better at sharing with each other. And we want to know how long our things live in our businesses. Can we follow a recycled office chair as it moves from being newly purchased to being used by more different administrations during its lifetime? How much can we reduce our climate footprint by circulating more?


Our planet can no longer handle the consumption of new stuff. ”The day of ecological debt”Fell on 22 August in 2020. In Sweden, the day fell already in March. After the expiration date, we live on more resources during the year than the earth is able to contribute. Anxiety-laden, right!

Thus, we all need to pull our straw to the pile to manage our common resources. This innovation pilot is based on the idea that many people need to experience that small choices at work can contribute to reducing our organization's climate footprint as a whole. Sorting rubbish in the coffee room is not far enough - we need more ways to feel a little more like climate heroes in everyday life.

We believe that a digital service such as "Haffa" can contribute to employees in the city of Helsingborg being able to pull a small straw in the environmental work by contributing to a more sharing-based economy and circular use of the planet's resources.

As if that were not enough, the solution may, hopefully, contribute to a more responsible use of welfare tax money when less money is spent on the consumption of newly produced goods.


Of course, we do not solve this with just a digital platform, we know that, but we can help make the process easier.

We intended to start work on an "internal block" where we take on one object category at a time. We primarily work with recycling and the furniture that is connected there.

We build on what we already have, give each object an ID and some form of marking (QR code) and functions to tag the object with location, life cycle marking, connection to mode of transport and notice to "seller" and "buyer" as well as to recycling staff.

In the autumn of 2020, we made a first version of the app with the help of funds from SFF. Next, we want to continue to develop the concept to also include more administrations.

In 2022, a sharing function will be developed and tested where one can not only pick up and leave stuff but also share with each other, both within and between administrations.

Here you can test Haffa, scan the QR code at the bottom of the page!

Impact target

Reduced purchase of new furniture and gadgets

Impact target

Reduced climate footprint through increased sharing of internal resources

Impact target

Employees feel that they can make a difference with smart climate choices

Resident involvement

This initiative does not involve residents to any great extent.

  • Driven by

    Labor market administration, The Cultural Administration, The school and leisure administration, The city management administration

  • Challenge

    How do we reduce our carbon footprint and create a more circular economy?

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Technologies


  • Estimated budget

    1049200 kr

  • Sector

    Sharing economy

  • Partners

    Labor market administration, Hbg Works, The school and leisure administration, The city management administration


Name: Tommy Boije - Hbg Works
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se

Name: Emma Sjöberg - School and leisure administration
E-mail: emma.sjoberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Anne Örnell - Labor Market Administration
E-mail: anne.ornell@helsingborg.se