home4life is a display apartment that will be open during H22. This apartment is the result of a four-party collaboration between the health and care administration, Helsingborgshem, Pingday and Tunstall and aims primarily to show the visitor how it is possible to manage independently in their own home in old age or as a person with some form of disability.


We are facing a future where more people will be taken care of by fewer and where the municipality's resources - both in the form of money and labor - will be scarce. To then show the residents / visitors how to manage independently in the home for longer can be a measure to safeguard both the workforce that exists and the independence and integrity of the individual.


In the showroom, security-creating technology will be displayed in its proper environment. The visitor will gain insight into what opportunities there are at present and what will be possible in the future. Many of the solutions come from needs in the reality of care and nursing operations.

The showroom is also complemented by a test bed apartment where solutions will be tested and evaluated on an ongoing basis. The hope is to be able to show some of the solutions tested in the showroom.

Impact target

Welfare technology comes out faster in everyday life

Resident involvement

The showroom also functions as / is supplemented with a test apartment where users and staff can test new technology


Name: Robert Skans
E-mail: robert.skans@helsingborg.se