The school's most important democratic body is the student council. All schools do student councils in different ways and save minutes in the way they think works best. Super good. But what would have happened if we opened a channel for each student council to publish what they are talking about, ask questions to officials and politicians linked to the questions and get answers immediately? Without first going through a teacher or a principal? Can we also do the opposite, that officials and politicians can post questions to student councils to like? 



It should be easier as a student to make their voice heard and if student councils can communicate directly with officials and politicians, and get answers, we believe that more people will want to be involved and influence.

With the opportunity for student councils to talk directly with those who decide and vice versa, we can better create an everyday life in school that meets the needs that actually exist. If a dialogue is easier to achieve, we also believe that it will take place more often. And those who are listened to want to say more and those who can influence feel stronger and more secure.


The idea is tested in small steps and we start with a couple of schools' student councils and see how the idea is received. Together with a couple of student councils in Helsingborg, the municipality's child rights strategists (a group of officials who focus on children's rights) and Hbg Works have developed a prototype that we are currently testing.

The prototype is a website that is intended as a community for all of Helsingborg's schools' student councils. In the long run, associations, such as Save the Children and so on, which work with children's rights in focus, may also be involved. Maybe we can also connect Fritidsgårdsråd and ungdomsråd?

Impact target

Make young people more involved in the development of society.

Resident involvement

Young people and student councils are involved in needs analysis and in tests of the prototype.


Name: Veronica Andersson
E-mail: veronica.andersson@helsingborg.se