A test is currently underway where we have installed GPS transmitters with alarms on electric bicycles that are used in home care. The idea is to make them less prone to theft, but the information from the GPS transmitters can also be more useful. By entering the information from the bikes' GPS to the city's computer factory Smart City Lab, we get an overview of how the bikes move through the city, where it goes slowly, which shortcuts are taken and the like. It is valuable knowledge for both those who plan the routes in home care, but also the city building administration to get information about which roads are used the most, and which are avoided.


Helsingborg is a good city to be a cyclist in, and although there is a lot of knowledge about how we move in the city, today there is no reliable way to follow cyclists. Knowing how cyclists move is important for urban and traffic planning, but the traditional ways of gathering knowledge about cyclists are expensive and static. Through GPS-connected bikes, we can get free access to real-time data on how bikes move.


The GPS transmitters are installed, so the work consists of reading and transmitting information to the database.

Impact target

More knowledge about how bicycles are used

Impact target

More and faster recovered stolen bicycles

Resident involvement

In the spring of 2021, a student team from Hyper Island will conduct a project work on the bicycles and conduct interviews with the care staff


Name: Eric Semb
E-mail: eric.semb@helsingborg.se