Can a research profile already in primary school make our students both more interested in and more prepared for university studies? At the same time as they are already changing the future today through their research projects?


In comparison with similar cities, the city of Helsingborg today has a low proportion of students who go on to university studies. At the same time, the university is experiencing a deterioration when it comes to how well prepared the students are for that type of higher education.


In collaboration with Lund University, Gantoftaskolan now wants to test a method to increase both goal fulfillment in teaching and the interest in university studies among students. The method is based on testing a science profile at the school, where students can attend a graduate school and, in close collaboration with researchers at the university, independently research in defined areas within sustainable development with a focus on ecological sustainability.

The method will be tested in a first sharply defined pilot where 10 students will work with 5 different (preliminary) research areas:

  • Examine water-purifying plants.
  • Examine air-purifying plants.
  • Examine the health effects of honey.
  • Simulation of a flow of ex. carbon dioxide, glucose, toxins in and out of a plant cell.
  • Simulation of wear of different materials, eg artificial grass.

The test is prepared during the spring -22 and is sharply tested from the start of the autumn term.

Impact target

Increased interest in higher education


Early indications show that students' interest in higher studies and different career paths increases when they have the opportunity to work closely with researchers, among other things by asking more questions about possible career paths.

Impact target

Increased goal fulfillment

Impact target

Better preparation for higher education

Resident involvement

The method is tested together with 10 students at the school.


Name: Annika Schell - pre-service teacher at Gantoftaskolan
E-mail: annika.schell@helsingborg.se