Can we develop an old gravel floor into a forest environment that invites movement, recovery and study motivation?


The schoolyard can be our green conservatory, a place where we can gain new strength and get rid of running in the legs, a place where theory can meet practice, a place that allows us to learn even with the body. A schoolyard for everyone, a schoolyard that holds peace, activity and learning.

Today we have areas in our schoolyards that do not fulfill the same function as they did when they were first planned. And we learn more and more today about how a schoolyard can be planned to inspire more movement and more learning in the game. A schoolyard can also be a common place and a place that connects the school with the rest of the community around.



At Drottninghögsskolan, there is a large old gravel plan that we are now investigating whether we can develop into something completely different - a forest-inspired environment that connects the school with the city around it. A place for both movement, learning and recovery. Can we create an arboretum or a forest garden with interactive lighting? Can we build an outdoor classroom and plant trees that you want to sit and read under?

The idea is under exploration and we are investigating, among other things, various IoT solutions linked to lighting.

At the H22 City Expo: 

Impact target

Increased movement and recreation during the school day

Resident involvement

The students at Drottninghögsskolan are involved in the initiative, among other things by thinking out needs and ideas for the place.


Name: Cissi Warntoft
E-mail: cissi.warntoft@helsingborg.se

Name: Linn Larsson
E-mail: linn.larsson3@helsingborg.se